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Recently Accepted Papers
A Buck-Boost Converter-Based Bipolar Pulse Generator
Ahmed Elserougi, Ahmed Massoud, and Shehab Ahmed
Distributed Secondary Voltage Control of Islanded Microgrids with Event-Triggered Scheme
Qian Guo, Hui Cai, Ying Wang, and Weimin Chen
Novel Adaptive Blanking Regulation Scheme for Constant Current and Constant Voltage Primary-side Controlled Flyback Converter
Yongjiang Bai, Wenjie Chen, Xiaoyu Yang, and Xu Yang
Coordinative Control Strategy for Power Electronic Transformer Based Battery Energy Storage System
Battery energy storage, Coordinative control, LQR, Power electronic transformer, State-feedback, SOC balancing
A New Dual-Active Soft-Switching Converter for an MTEM Electromagnetic Transmitter
Xuhong Wang, Yiming Zhang, and Wei Liu
Bus Clamping PWM Based Hysteresis Current Controlled VSI fed Induction Motor Drive with Nearly Constant Switching Frequency
Joseph Peter, Mohammed Shafi KP, and Rijil Ramchand
Zero-Voltage -Transition Buck Converter for High Step-Down DC?DC Conversion with Low EMI
Ali Ariyan and Mohammad Rouhollah Yazdani
Adaptive Variable Angle Control in Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Electric Vehicle Applications
He Cheng, Hao Chen, Shaohui Xu, and Shunyao Yang
Three-Port Converters with Flexible Power Flow for Integrating PV and Energy Storage into a DC Bus
Tian Cheng and Dylan Dah-Chuan Lu
Implementation of a Switched PV Technique for Rooftop 2 kW Solar PV to Enhance Power during Unavoidable Partial Shading Conditions
B. Praveen Kumar, D. Prince Winston, S. Cynthia Christabel, and S. Venkatanarayanan
Efficiency-Optimized Modulation Strategy for Dual-Active-Bridge DC-DC Converter Using Dual-Pulse-Width-Modulation in Low Power Region
Byeng-Joo Byen, Chung-Hwan Ban, Yong-Bae Lim, and Gyu-Ha Choe
Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Predictive Control of a Grid Connected Wind Power Systems with Integrated Active Power Filter Capabilities
Noureddine Hamouda, Hocine Benalla, Kameleddine Hemsas, Badreddine Babes, Jurgen Petzoldt, Thomas Ellinger, and Cherif Hamouda
A Simplified Carrier-Based Pulse-Width Modulation Strategy for Two-level Voltage Source Inverters in the Over-modulation Region
Feng Jing and Feng-You He
A Secondary Resonance Soft Switching Half Bridge DC-DC Converter with an Inductive Output Filter
Zhang-yong Chen and Yong Chen
Models and Experiments for the Main Topologies of MRC-WPT Systems
Mingbo Yang, Peng Wang, Yanzhi Guan, and Zhenfeng Yang
A Novel Control Scheme Based on the Synchronous Frame for APF
Yifan Wang, Hong Zheng, Ruoyin Wang, and Wen Zhu
A Novel Switched-Capacitor Based High Step-Up dc/dc Converter for Renewable Energy System Applications
Fereshteh Radmand and Aref Jalili
Load and Mutual Inductance Identification Method for Series-Parallel Compensated IPT Systems
Long Chen, Yu-Gang Su, Yu-Ming Zhao, Chun-Sen Tang, and Xin Dai
Real-Time HIL Simulation of the Discontinuous Conduction Mode in Voltage Source PWM Power Converters
Andras Futo, Tamas Kokenyesi, Istvan Varjasi, Zoltan Suto, Istvan Vajk, Attila Balogh, and Gergely Gyorgy Balazs*
A Novel Harmonic Identification Algorithm for the Active Power Filters in Non-Ideal Voltage Source Systems
Phonsit Santiprapan, Kongpol Areerak, and Kongpan Areerak
Study on a Novel Switching Pattern Current Control Scheme Applied to Three-Phase Voltage-Source Converters
Hongyan Zhao, Yan Li, and Trillion Q. Zheng
Analysis and Control of NPC-3L Inverter Fed Dual Three-Phase PMSM Drives Considering their Asymmetric Factors
Jian Chen, Zheng Wang, Yibo Wang, and Ming Cheng
A Fuzzy Self-Tuning PID Controller with a Derivative Filter for Power Control in Induction Heating Systems
Arijit Chakrabarti, Avijit Chakraborty, and Pradip Kumar Sadhu
An Enhanced Instantaneous Circulating Current Control for Reactive Power and Harmonic Load Sharing in Islanded Microgrids
Iman Lorzadeh, Hossein Askarian Abyaneh, Mehdi Savaghebi, Omid Lorzadeh, Alireza Bakhshai, and J. M. Guerrero
Improved Trigger System for the Suppression of Harmonics and EMI Derived from the Reverse-Recovery Characteristics of a Thyristor
Tianliu Wei, Qiuyuan Wang, Chengxiong Mao, Jiming Lu, and Dan Wang
Research and Stability Analysis of Active-Disturbance-Rejection-Control-Based Microgrid Controllers
Xiaoning Xu, Xuesong Zhou, Youjie Ma, and Yiqi Liu
A Compact Wireless IPT System Using a Modified Voltage-fed Multi-resonant Class EF2 Inverter
Mohammad Kamar Uddin, Saad Mekhilef, and Gobbi Ramasamy
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