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JPE, Vol. 9, No. 2, March 2009
Review on Magnetic Components:Design & Consideration in VHF Circuit Applications
Nor Zaihar Yahaya, Mumtaj Begam Kassim Raethar, and Mohammad Awan
Area Devices and Components
Abstract When converters operate in megahertz range, the passive components and magnetic devices generate high losses. However, the eddy current issues and choices of magnetic cores significantly affect on the design stage. Apart from that, the componentsí» reduction, miniaturization technique and frequency scaling are required as well as improvement in thermal capability, integration technique, circuit topologies and PCB layout optimization. In transformer design, the winding and core losses give great attention to the design stage. From simulation work, it is found that E-25066 material manufactured by AVX could be the most suitable core for high frequency transformer design. By employing planar geometry topology, the material can generate significant power loss savings of more than 67% compared to other materials studied in this work. Furthermore, young researchers can use this information to develop new approaches based on concepts, issues and methodology in the design of magnetic components for high frequency applications.
Keyword Magnetic component,Transformer design,VHF converter
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