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JPE, Vol. 14, No. 6, November 2014
Finite State Model-based Predictive Current Control with Two-step Horizon for Four-leg NPC Converters
Venkata Yaramasu, Marco Rivera, Mehdi Narimani, Bin Wu, and Jose Rodriguez
Area Special Issue on Multilevel Power Converters
Abstract This study proposes a finite-state model predictive controller to regulate the load current and balance the DC-link capacitorvoltages of a four-leg neutral-point-clamped converter. The discrete-time model of the converter, DC-link, inductive filter, and loadis used to predict the future behavior of the load currents and the DC-link capacitor voltages for all possible switching states. Theswitching state that minimizes the cost function is selected and directly applied to the converter. The cost function is defined tominimize the error between the predicted load currents and their references, as well as to balance the DC-link capacitor voltages. Moreover, the current regulation performance is improved by using a two-step prediction horizon. The feasibility of the proposedpredictive control scheme for different references and loads is verified through real-time implementation on the basis ofdSPACEDS1103.
Keyword Current control,DC?AC power conversion,DC-link capacitor voltage balancing,Digital control,Discrete-time signals,Distributed generation,Finite control set model predictive control,Four-leg converters,Multilevel converters
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